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Natural Hair Growth Tips

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I know that every woman’s dream is to have long and healthy natural hair, and taking care of your natural hair is something you should make a timetable for If you want your natural hair to grow fuller, thicker, and longer, here are some natural hair growth tips for you. 

You should take care of it just as you take care of your skin, and just as you take your meal 3 times a day,  your natural hair can even be more demanding sometimes, if being neglected it won’t grow or look healthy.

What is your hair regimen like, do you feed your hair like you feed your stomach? Here are some natural hair growth tips for your natural hair.


1.  Trim Your Hair Regularly:

 This may look somehow to you because you are trying to grow lengthy hair and you are being advised to trim your hair but the truth remains that one of the natural hair growth tip that is highly recommended for you is to trim your hair, there are some weak ends in your hair that prevents the new ones from coming out.

 These weak ends are what cause hair breakage and it prevents your natural hair from getting the shine, and smoothness that it should have and it will deter your hair from getting the actual length that it is supposed to have.


2. Eat Right:

Yes eating the right food is a very important natural hair growth tips, taking a well-balanced diet can boost your natural hair growth, sometimes it’s not just by using every expensive product you can lay your hands on, also know that hair grows from the inside so what you take inside of you will determine what comes out like a strong and long hair.

It’s not all food that makes your natural hair grow longer and so you make be thinking, “what kind of food will I take that will increase the length of my natural hair?” The answer is simple, take more proteinous food, like beans, meat, fish, whole grains, nuts, etc.

 Apart from eating food that is high in protein, omega 3, zinc, vitamins A C and E and Ion is also a good natural hair growth tips.


3. Always Brush Your Natural Hair:

 After a long day, the next thing you will want to do after taking a shower is to go to bed but taking out few seconds to pamper your natural hair before you sleep won’t be a bad idea, when you give your hair a little brush before going to bed, it goes a long way in helping the length to stretch and it also brings out new hair which makes your hair fuller than it was.

Also, you can use the opportunity to massage your hair with essential oils of choice with your hands or brush for healthier natural hair. This natural hair growth tip shouldn’t be neglected.


4. Use a Satin Bonnet And a Silky Pillowcase:

Do you know that using a satin bonnet on your natural hair helps your hair prevent tangles and even hair breakage which can lead to loss of hair? This natural hair growth tip has been working wonders. Likewise is a silky pillowcase. With this tip, you are assured of getting healthy hair quickly because when you don’t experience hair breakage, there is every tendency that you can have full and healthy hair.

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5. Always Drink Enough Water:

Drinking enough water does not only help your body to glow but it’s also one of the great natural hair growth tips that will help you grow your natural hair. Water gives you an abundance of minerals and vitamins which your entire body needs, and it’s good to know that your natural hair needs hydration, so if you hydrate it from the inside by making drinking water to be part of you, this is also a great tip for the growth of your natural hair.

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6. Use Hot Castor Oil As A Treatment:

Castor oil is known as a very powerful natural hair growth tips, the power of castor oil to your natural hair cannot be overemphasized. Castor oil has enough antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that will help to fight infections in the scalp that stops your natural hair from growing.

It may interest you to also know that Castor oil is also filled with vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, and other valuable nutrients that can run through your hair strands and help to retain moisture. This natural hair growth tip is amazing. 

You can use castor oil to make a hot oil treatment that you can use to massage your hair to the roots. This will help your scalp to soak up the nutrients in the oil and increase your hair growth.


How Can This Be Achieved? 

  •     Take castor oil and warm with low heat on the fire.
  •     Massage this oil into your scalp and even to the strands of your hair.
  •     Wrap your hair together.
  •     Use your shower cap and cover it.
  •     Take your hand dryer and blow it for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  •     Wash your hair with your shampoo and conditioner.
  •     Pat dry with a clean towel.

then you will notice how soft and silky your natural hair will be.


7. Cinnamon Mask Hair Growth Tip:

The work of cinnamon has passed using it in your oatmeal or tea alone, cinnamon can be used for many things, and using it as a natural hair growth tip is one of them. cinnamon has an antimicrobial property that helps in the growth of your hair too, this property helps to stimulate the blood circulation around your head area and replenish your hair strand.


How Can This Be Achieved?

  •     Mix cinnamon and coconut oil together (equal parts).
  •     Apply this mixture to your hair from the root.
  •     Cover your hair with a shower cap.
  •     Allow sitting for about 50 minutes.
  •     Rinse it off and style.


8. Use Rice Water To Rinse:

Rice water rinse for your natural hair has been a tradition for Chinese women for ages now and it makes them grow fuller and stronger hair. This has even placed them in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Instead of wasting your rice water, why not make good use of it as a natural hair growth tip by soaking your hair in it. There is a carbohydrate and amino acid in the water that will not only make your natural hair grow longer but will give your hair a shine and prevent it from being damaged.


How To Use It

  •     Parboil your rice and filter the water,
  •     Soak your hair in the water inside your bathroom.
  •     Sit for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse.
  •     Dry your hair with a clean towel and style as desired.
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Note: rice water can run through your entire body when you soak it on your hair so it is advisable to use it when you want to take your bath so as not to get messy after using it.


9. Apply aloe vera gel For The Treatment:

Giving your natural hair a treat with aloe vera gel periodically is essential, aloe vera gel is one of the best moisturizers you can think of, aloe vera gel serves as a strengthener to your natural hair, it is a good natural hair growth tip you should try, it also cleanses and repairs damaged hair.

When you massage your scalp with this gel, it will not only cool your scalp but also your mind. Aloe Vera gel also has vitamin A, B12, B, and C, and even folic acid which contributes to the growth of your natural hair.


10. Use Egg ask Treatment:

Many people have complained about the smell of eggs on their hair over time but if you can use this mask once in a while, it will be a great tip to grow your natural hair, eggs carry a lot of vitamins and have sodium, iron, and lectin, all these are components that make your natural hair growth fast. Eggs help to nourish and add moisture to your hair.

In other to reduce the smell of the egg yolk, you can add a few drops of honey and cinnamon to the mixture before applying it to your hair.


How to use it

  •     Break 3 eggs and remove the yolks.
  •     Add drops of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.
  •     Mix thoroughly and apply to your hair from the scalp.
  •     Leave for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  •     Dry your hair with a neat towel and style as desired.

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11. Use Essential Oils Often: 

You can never go wrong with essential oils, massaging your natural hair with oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, and the likes can go a long way to helping your hair grow, it helps both your edges and the entire hair, your hair strands will be stronger and it gives your hair shine and keeps it healthy.

Try this natural hair growth tip and you will be amazed at the result you will get. These essential oils have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that prevent your hair from dandruff and other hair conditions.

Try to massage your natural hair with these essential oils at least once a week and thank me later.


12. Shampoo The Right Way:

 Leaving first on your hair will block the pores in your hair and will stop now hair from coming out. this makes it important to wash your hair rightly with warm water. I used the word “rightly” because too much of it can still be bad for your hair, washing your natural hair can reduce the growth of your natural hair.

When your hair root is wet all the time it makes your hair weak and slows the growth and even reduces the natural oil that your hair carries. As much as using warm water is good, don’t make it too hot as this will not be good for your natural hair. This natural hair growth tip is a must-try.

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The regular shampoo that is sold in the store has chemicals and doesn’t go well with your natural hair so using an organic sulfate-free shampoo will do your hair better than the regular shampoo.


13. Olive Oil Hair Growth Treatment:

Olive oil natural hair growth tip is amazing, it has ingredients that will help your natural hair to grow and also strengthen the hair, olive oil has lots of omega 3 fatty acids and other valuable ingredients that are great for your overall health apart from your natural hair, then it’s still a big plus to your natural hair. If you apply olive oil to your hair directly, it makes your hair strands thicker and moisturizes the hair, and also makes the areas of your scalp feel soft.


How to use this:

  •     Heat your olive oil and honey on low heat.
  •     When warm bring it down and massage your scalp and your hair.
  •     Cover with a shower cap to heat for 50 minutes.
  •     Wash off with a sulfate-free shampoo.
  •     Pat dry with a clean towel and style as desired.

Note: you can leave this treatment on your hair over the night with your shower cap on.


14. Avocado Treatment For Natural Hair:

Avocado remains one of the best treatments and natural hair growth tips for your hair, I recommend this tip for your natural hair growth. Avocado has abundant vitamin E in it and it gives your natural hair the nutrients that it deserves, avocado leaves your hair soft and silky, you will love the texture of your natural hair. Using this treatment two times a week will not be too much.

How to use this:

  •     Combine one large avocado and one tablespoon of olive oil
  •     Mix it very well to remove all the lumps
  •     Apply this mixture to your hair starting from your scalp
  •     Leave for at least 30 minutes
  •     Wash with a sulfate-free or mild shampoo
  •     Pat dry and style as desired


15. Coconut Oil:

Coconut Oil is filled with fatty acids that penetrate your natural hair and help to stop the loss of protein, coconut oil should be one oil that you should not allow to finish in your house and making it your regular natural hair growth tip wouldn’t be a bad idea, you can apply it on your hair as regular oil and can still use it as an essential oil for treatment of your natural hair.



As we conclude, note that there are different hair types, everybody has their unique type of hair which means what worked for you might not work for me. And some people naturally have long hair based on their genes, that is why we brought many tips for you to try. Whichever that works for you please hold on to it.

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