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How To Prepare Zobo Drink For Weight Loss In 19 Simple Steps

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How to prepare zobo drink for weight loss is as easy as ABC. Zobo drink is the simplest or easiest drink or tea you can make at home.

The hibiscus flower is popularly known as zobo. The flower of the Hibiscus plant (zobo) is mostly used to make tea or drink. When boiled, it is used for numerous health or medical purposes around the world.

If you easily gain weight, zobo drink can be used to regulate your weight.

Zobo drink is a drink that is ruby red in colour, it is made from dried hibiscus flower (Sudanese Rose). Zobo is a very tasty, slightly sour flavoured drink that can be served hot or cold.

Apart from having a nice and delicious taste, zobo drink has lots of nutritional value and is a weight loss drink. As you read on, we are going to talk about zobo drink properties and finally how to prepare it.


Is Zobo Drink For Weight Loss?

Zobo drink may be a nice and refreshing drink, but it can also be used to help you shade off some weight (fat). Zobo drink can be used to burn belly fat if used properly. There are ways and methods of using zobo drink to burn fat if used the right way. 


Health Benefits Of Zobo Drink (For Weight Loss)

There are good health benefits of taking zobo drink which is listed below.


1. Zobo Drink For Weight Loss:

If your goal is to lose weight, then zobo drink is for you. Research has shown that zobo drink can help lose weight because it lowers glucose absorption in the body. Zobo is a good drink for weight loss because it retains the body to produce amylase, which metabolises carbohydrates which is the reason why lots of weight loss products contain the hibiscus plant (zobo leave). 


2. Zobo Drink To Reduce Menstrual Cramps And Pain:

Zobo drink is also known to have the properties of reducing menstrual pain and cramp. It helps balance the hormones which reduce the effects of menstruation like mode swing, overeating, and depression.

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3. Zobo Drink Aids Digestion:

Zobo drink help in improving digestion. It helps promote and improve bowel movement and urination due to its diuretic properties. It is also commonly used to cure constipation which in turn leads to weight loss.

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4. Zobo Drink As Anti Cancer:

Research has also shown that zobo drink has anti-cancer properties, it also inhibits cell growth which proves that it has cancer-fighting properties.


5. Zobo Drink As Anti Inflammatory:

According to research, zobo drink has anti-inflammatory properties. You need at least two cups of zobo drink a day for one week to help reduce blood pressure by up to 10points. 


6. Zobo Drink For Lower Cholesterol:

It has antioxidants which help to reduce the body’s bad cholesterol level which helps the body to fight against heart disease and protects the blood vessels from damage. It also helps control blood sugar levels.


7. It is used to make oil which makes the hair lustrous, healthy and helps in regrowing of the hair. The oil is made by making a paste of hibiscus flower and leaves and then adding it to the hair oil such as coconut and then heating the oil mixed with paste.

The oil gets all the nutrients from the paste and applying this oil to the hair 1 or 2 hours before hair wash makes the hair healthy and strong. It can help in getting rid of dandruff too. The hibiscus flower is dried and then made into a powder too which is mixed with yoghurt and applied to hair. It has lots of benefits related to hair.


8. Zobo drink for weight loss also improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract.

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9. Zobo drink for weight loss restores the intestinal microflora.

10. Zobo drink for weight loss removes toxic substances from the body.

11. Zobo drink for weight loss improves the movement of lymph

12. It is known to help lower blood pressure levels, and it is also known to lower blood sugar levels.

Note: Always consult a physician before using any home remedy especially if it is meant to drink or consumed or taken internally.


How to prepare Zobo Drink For Weight Loss At Home

To prepare zobo drink for weight loss, get your dried zobo leaves from the supermarket or your regular local market. If you have gotten your dried zobo leave, then jump to number 9 to the process of preparing your zobo drink for weight loss, but if you do not have the dried zobo leave, but you have the tree in your vicinity, then follow the steps below to make your delicious healthy zobo leave for weight loss.


  1. Start by plugging your zobo leaves from the tree.
  2. Remove the rope from the middle and cut off the green flower stem.
  3. Wash to remove dust and insects.
  4. Put in a strainer to get rid of water.
  5. Spread washed leaves on a tray and cover with a light sieve cloth or siever container to prevent flyaways from the wind when dry.
  6. Sundry zobo flower till it turns deep dark burnt red.
  7. It should have completely dried in 3 to 4 days.
  8. Check your zobo leaves once or twice a day and rotate them if there is any wet spot. The zobo should be kept inside the house in the evening (ie it should not stay outside at night) to prevent moisture or morning dew from falling on it. 

 Now your leave is ready, you can now prepare the zobo drink for weight loss as we continue.

  1. Put your dried zobo leaves in a pot.
  2. Blend or chop into pieces your ginger. Zobo drink is not complete without ginger in it. Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s good for weight loss.
  3. How can you have a delicious and healthy zobo drink for weight loss without your pineapple? Peel the pineapple, keep the main body aside and put the peeled pineapple back in the pot. Make sure your pineapple is properly washed. Pineapple also has great properties for health and weight lose
  4. Add your zobo seed. You can get it from your local market.
  5. Now you have all 4 ingredients in one pot, put enough water such that it covers your ingredient.
  6. Cover and boil for 20 to 30 minutes. Make sure it boils out well
  7. While your zobo is on fire, you can properly blend your pineapple flesh to smooth.
  8. Sieve them out. You can still use hot water to properly suck out your zobo leaves the second time.
  9. After sieving it out, add your blended pineapple to it and keep it cool.
  10. Cut your lemon and cucumber in a slim round piece and put it inside your zobo drink.
  11. Refrigerate or serve with an ice cube.
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Note that you should avoid putting artificial sweeteners like sugar etc. you can just add a little honey or date for taste.

The refreshment your body feels after taking this zobo drink for weight loss is heavenly. Zobo drink can be taken at any time of the day.

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In as much as zobo drink for weight loss is good, if you have any health challenge, it is advised to always consult your doctor first before starting any routine. 

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