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DNA Test Price

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There is a widespread belief that DNA tests are expensive. So if you are wondering whether you can afford them, this guide on DNA test prices will answer your question. 

Not too long ago, many people were unable to afford the possibility of DNA testing. But there has been a significant change in the terrain. The affordability of DNA tests has significantly increased due to market competition and scientific and technological advancements. Examine the different aspects of DNA testing costs and learn what factors affect the cost.

Many people have different reasons for seeking a DNA test but are always discouraged by the assumption that it is expensive. 

However, it may interest you to know that DNA test price is not the only misconception people have about DNA; some people also believe that DNA tests are all about paternity testing, which is far from the truth. That is why in this article, we want to show you DNA test prices and discuss the different types of DNA tests. 

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What Is A DNA Test?

DNA Test Price

A DNA test is a medical test done to gain information about the genes that make up an individual. It is used to analyse a person’s genetic material to identify and map out their unique traits, ancestry and characteristics. 

DNA tests can also be used to check for changes in the proteins, genes, and chromosomes in a person’s body. The test samples include hair, blood, fingernails, cheek swab, and amniotic fluid.  

You can take a DNA test to find out if you have a genetic disorder or have a chance of developing one in the future. It can also help you confirm if you have any condition that may likely pass on to your child.

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Lastly, DNA tests can be used to check for relationships between two persons, like parent-child relationships, sibling connections, etc.

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Types Of DNA Tests

Relationship DNA Testing

This is the most common category of DNA tests; it provides information about the relationship between two different individuals. This type of test is also the most accessible and affordable in the country, and they are of different types listed below.

  • Paternity test.
  • Maternity test.
  • Prenatal DNA test.
  • Legal DNA test.
  • Avuncular DNA test.
  • Immigration DNA test.

DNA Test Price

Health and Wellness DNA Test

The health DNA test is used to ascertain whether an individual carries mutations that can cause certain conditions and diseases. This test can also tell if a person has tendencies to contract a wide range of known diseases. 

The wellness test is also similar; it can help people find interesting details about their life; for example, you can know whether you are predisposed to obesity, learn about your response to diet and exercise and your ability to eliminate toxins. It can also tell information about your physical endurance, detoxification, injury recovery, eating behaviour, food sensitivity, weight gain/loss patterns etc. 


If you have a particular health condition, disorder or disease and need to find the most effective medication for your treatment, this type of DNA test is what you need. 

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Presymptomatic and Predictive Testing

This type of test is needed when you know you have a family history of a known genetic condition. It can help you determine your risk of developing the condition. 

Newborn Screening

This DNA test is widespread; it screens for genetic disorders and metabolic abnormalities that can cause specific conditions in newborn babies. This test is essential because if the result shows a disorder, the baby can begin treatment and care immediately. Early detection and treatment can go a long way to help the child. 

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Infidelity DNA Test

This genetic test provides a conclusive way to find out if your partner is cheating on you. Although the test results are not valid in court, you will get the answers you need. Like every DNA test, infidelity testing also needs samples, so you will need to provide samples from the persons involved.

Carrier Testing

The carrier DNA test can help you confirm if you carry a gene for certain genetic disorders; you can also do it before pregnancy to learn about your chances of having a child with a genetic disorder. 

Ancestry DNA Test

This test will help you find your genetic relatives and expand your genealogy research. It can provide information about where your ancestors came from and the relationship between two families. Three types of ancestry DNA testing commonly used for genealogy are listed below. 

  • Y-DNA testing.
  • Autosomal DNA testing.
  • Mitochondrial DNA testing.

DNA Test Price

What Is DNA Test Price

The answer to this question truly depends on the kind of DNA test you need and how you plan to use the results.

Those in need of a paternity test may find it difficult to decide which provider to use given the recent explosion in DNA testing services. Price is a decisive factor for many. But exercise caution! It’s important to remember that selecting the least expensive option doesn’t guarantee the best quality for such a significant test. There are businesses on the internet that provide “cheap” DNA paternity tests; however, if the cost seems excessively low, you should be suspicious. Here’s a breakdown of typical price ranges for high-quality paternity tests, as most people want to get accurate and trustworthy results at a fair price.

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The DNA test price ranges from $90 to $300. However, it can be very expensive or cheap, depending on the hospital, your location, and the type of test. In addition, if you have insurance coverage, it might cover some part of the DNA cost, making it more affordable.

The reason for a DNA test can also determine its cost; for example, if you need a paternity test just for peace of mind, the test will be cheaper than when you need it for legal cases like immigration. 

Genetic tests for legal cases usually cost more than those for casual reasons like peace of mind. A paternity test for peace of mind can cost between $130 – $200, while legal cases could range between $300 – $500.

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DNA or genetic test has become popular over the years, so many laboratories now support the test. Therefore, if you want to carry out a DNA test, you will easily find a suitable test centre for your needs.

These tests are always reliable and efficient when done correctly, so the cost of the test doesn’t affect its accuracy; some facilities just charge more than others. Hence, now that you have a basic understanding of DNA testing, you can confidently plan to get one done whenever necessary.

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