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10 Yummy Easy Yam Recipes For The Family

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Yam is known to be a tuberous root crop that is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin B. In most homes, yam is one of the well-known and favourite stable foods. Yam is a great food that is usually prepared and eaten in various ways from frying, boiling, baking, and roasting etc. In this article, I have listed some yam recipes for the family that you can try and enjoy.

Do you have a tuber of yam in your kitchen, but you have no idea of how to turn it into one delicious meal, or are you tired of the regular everyday boiled yam? I have mentioned different yam recipes to try. These yam recipes are so good and delicious enough to spike up your appetite.

So if you are in for some new and exciting ways to make your yam, look no further for these fantastic yam recipes for your family.
My yam recipe list includes yam pepper soup yam, yam and tomato sauce, porridge yam and white yam as well as some age-old native recipe that you can eat when you go to the village.

Yam recipes are fast and very easy to make which is why it is very popularn homes and kitchens.
Just like potatoes, yam is a healthy energy giving tuber or food that can be used to make all kinds of traditional and modern delicacies like pounded yam, yam porridge and a lot more.
Here are amazing yam recipes for the family to enjoy.

Yam Recipes For The Family

1. Vegetable Yam Porridge

yam recipe
Vegetable yam porridge is thick and it’s made with boiled yam, vegetables, and spices. It is perfect for a cold winter day or anytime you’re in the mood for something healthy and delicious.
You season your porridge with onion, ginger, tomatoes, Cameroon pepper, the meat of your choice, and a variety of African spices. You can even make use of tilapia fish, chicken, or snapper for the meat depending on what you like. This yam recipe is packed with flavour and is sure to become your new favourite.


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2. Yamarita

yam recipe
You probably have heard of sweet potato fries, but have you heard of yam fries or yamarita? This is a yam fully coated with fried egg. These yam recipes for the family are so tasty, delicious and also a unique way to enjoy yam. These delicious yam fries are made with boiled yams that are thinly sliced and dipped into raw egg and then fried. The fried egg on the body of the boiled yam is so heartwarming and they are so perfect for a side dish or an appetizer.

These fries is seasoned with salt, pepper, and spices of your choice. I recommend trying them with a variety of different spices to find your favourite. The African Yam fries are a great way to enjoy your yam in a new and exciting way.

This yam spice is crispy and full of flavour. So, if you are in search of a healthier snack, then you should try these African Yam fries. You can make it even more exciting by using ketchup.
You just can’t imagine how delicious these yam recipes would be. You will not be disappointed.

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3. Yam And Plantain Porridge

yam recipe
This yam recipe for the family is a delicious and tasty food. It can be served as breakfast. This recipe is also a porridge and is made with boiled yam and plantain. It’s perfect for a chilly morning or a cold evening. This yam and plantain Porridge is seasoned with Asaro, a traditional spice blend. It makes for a sweet and savoury dish that’s tasty, filling, and nutritious.
The ripe plantain adds sweetness to your recipe you could ever need and want.
Some of the ingredients that are included in the recipe are tomatoes, red bell pepper, onions, spinach, plantain, curry powder, salt, ginger, and palm oil. It’s an easy to make dish that is perfect for anyone who loves African cuisine or just wants to try something new.


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4. Pounded Yam And White Soup

yam recipe

Pounded Yam is a very popular dish that is always served as a main course dish. It’s just like taking eba and soap. This recipe is made with boiled yam and it is mashed and then pounded into a dough-like consistency. The dish is usually served with any type of soup, but to enjoy it more, use a delicious soap called white soup.
It can be made with either white or yellow yams. Pounded Yam and white soap is a type of food that once you have a taste, you can never go back. You can also dip it in a stew to get a different taste entirely. It is delicious any way you have it.


5. Yam Pepper Soup

yam recipe
Yam pepper soup is another way to eat your yam. This yam recipe is expensive because catfish is expensive. Catfish is one of the most popular fish eaten; it can be used in preparing yam pepper soup. Most restaurants and joints have this point and kill yam recipe. The yam pepper soup is easy to make, the process is similar to making Point And Kill (Cat Fish) Peppersoup, with just a little difference.


6. Coconut Yam

yam recipe
Coconut Yam is another interesting, tasty, creamy and vegan-friendly dish that is made with boiled yam and coconut milk. These yam recipes for the family are made with avocado oil or coconut oil, garlic, white onion, tomatoes, thyme, coconut milk, bay leaf and vegetable broth. The key to scoring all the health benefits of the stew is the white yam.
Coconut yam is a great source of dietary fibre, vitamin C, potassium, and manganese. So, if you’re looking for a healthy and delicious dish, be sure to try this coconut yam. You will surely enjoy this yam recipe.


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7. Yam And Egg Sauce

yam recipe
This yam and egg sauce is a very tasty combination that is made with boiled yam and egg sauce. The egg sauce is made with raw egg, onions, tomatoes, pepper and any spice of your choice. The plain boiled white yam is served with egg sauce. It tastes soooo good.


8. Plain White Yam

The above picture is the image of cooked white yam with a sauce made with palm oil. This yam recipe is very delicious and is so fast and easy to make. You boil the yam with a little salt and eat the yam with a very delicious sauce. The sauce was made with utazi leaf (false cubeb leaves), ground dry pepper, palm oil, salt, and another local ingredient known as ugba or ukpaka.


9. Yam And Vegetable Sauce
Vegetable sauce is also a good recipe to eat with your yam. It is a wonderful and tasty yam recipe for the family to eat together.


10. Yam And Beans

yam recipe
Beans lovers would love this recipe. Yam and beans are a wonderful combination. You get the best taste from both the yam and beans.

Other Yam Recipes you can try are :
Fried yam and stew
Boiled Yam and palm oil
Roasted yam with palm oil pepper sauce
Baked yam
Yam and Ketchup

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There are lots of Yam recipes you can try out. It is just about exploring with it. Yam can be eaten in various forms and still enjoyed by the whole family.
I hope this article on “Yam Recipes For The Family’’ has been really helpful to you.

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