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Cypri Gold Syrup: What Does it Really Do?

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Cypri Gold syrup is a popular supplement that stimulates appetite and can make you want to eat more food. Over the years, it has been used as an appetizer for children to encourage them to eat, but now many adults use it as well because they have seen the effectiveness and benefits of the syrup.

One common belief about Cypri Gold is that it makes people gain weight because it makes them eat more and has some active ingredients that can cause weight gain. 

So have you been hearing about Cypri Gold but still don’t know what it does? You have come to the right place; this article contains information about Cypri Gold syrup and can help you determine if it is what you need. 

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Cypri Gold for Weight Gain

There are many reasons why people can be underweight; for some, they may be genetically slim; they have a faster metabolism than others, so their bodies tend to use up more energy and store less fat. However, for others, it can be caused by many external factors, busy work life, stress, poor appetite, smoking, depression, sickness and so on. 

So just as there are people trying to lose weight, many people also desire to gain weight, and it has been said that Cypri Gold syrup is not only an appetizer, it is also good for weight gain, but how true is that?  

It is common knowledge that one of the active ingredients in Cypri Gold is a compound known as cyproheptadine; this compound has been confirmed to increase appetite and cause weight gain, which has led to its use for this purpose in children and adults. Cyproheptadine has been used in cats for many years to make them eat more and become fat.

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However, it is essential to know that while Cypri Gold syrup may be good for weight gain in people who are underweight, it can put an average person at risk of obesity. This effect may not be seen in the early stages but may become an issue later. 

So if you are not underweight and a physician has not prescribed the Cypri Gold syrup, it is not advisable to start taking it. Many adults now use it for different purposes; some people with normal weights take it to become bigger or gain weight in certain areas of the body to look curvy. This is wrong and may result in different health challenges as time progresses. 

Cypri Gold Syrup
Source: Jumia

According to research, cyproheptadine, a histamine and serotonin antagonist, is highly effective in significantly stimulating appetite and weight gain, so it is great for people experiencing unintended weight loss and those who are naturally underweight. 


The dosage for Cypri Gold is usually prescribed according to body weight and individual response to treatment. Still, children between the ages of 1 to 5 years can take 1/2 teaspoonful (2.5ml) twice daily, and those between 6 to 12 years should take one teaspoonful (5ml) twice daily.

People above 12 years can take two teaspoonfuls (10ml) twice daily. However, your healthcare provider can adjust the dosage according to your weight, the treatment’s purpose and how you respond. 

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Side Effects of Cypri Gold Syrup

Some possible side effects of Cypri Gold include insomnia, fatigue, blurred vision, spinning sensation, loss of coordination, dizziness, nausea, diarrhoea, upset stomach, restlessness or excitability, numbness, dry mouth, appetite changes, weight gain, increased urination and sweating, thickening of mucus in the nose and throat, constipation, and drowsiness.

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As you can see, they are numerous, but it is still possible not to experience these side effects. It just depends on your body system. However, you are advised not to drive or operate any machine after taking Cypri Gold syrup in case these side effects occur. Also, if the side effects become severe, you should stop the medication and contact your healthcare provider for further guidance. 

How much is Cypri Gold syrup?

Cypri Gold syrup is affordable and popular, so you can find it in many pharmacies, drugstores, and even online markets. It costs from N400 – N1500; however, the prices will depend on your location and the seller.

Crypri Gold is also available in capsules and is within the same price range as the syrup, so whichever one you choose, they are all very effective and affordable. 

Cypri Gold Syrup

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Cypri Gold syrup is not only an appetizer; it is a weight gain syrup widely known and used across different countries; it works by making you eat more and helping you gain more calories. It is available in both syrup and capsules or tablets, and fortunately, it is not expensive. 

So now that you know what the syrup does and its possible side effects if you decide to use it for weight gain or any other purpose, it will be in your best interest to first consult a healthcare provider or physician so you can be sure it is good for you. Do not self-prescribe the medication.

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