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10 Benefits of Tiger Nuts for Women

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There are so many benefits of tiger nuts for women. Many women already understand this and are maximising the opportunity; however, some others are still ignorant and missing out. If you have heard about tiger nut but have never tried it and don’t know how much it can help improve your health, then you are missing out on its many benefits. 

Tiger nuts are also known as chufa, earth almonds, and yellow nuts; they are not nuts but edible tubers with a sweet, nutty flavour and a chewy texture. Tiger nuts are rich in many nutrients, and for many years, they have been used for food and medicine. 

Therefore, in this guide, we want to ensure you understand the numerous benefits of tiger nuts for women so you will take advantage of them for a better and healthier life. Here are 10 excellent benefits of tiger nuts for women. 

Benefits of Tiger Nuts for Women

Rich Source of Magnesium

Magnesium is a vital mineral the body needs to function effectively; it is responsible for initing over 300 biochemical processes and reactions. So, a deficiency of this mineral can lead to several issues, including muscle cramps and palpitations. Luckily tiger nuts are rich in magnesium, and it has been said that they also help prevent dysmenorrhea and relieve menstrual cramps. 

Aids in Weight Loss

Foods rich in fibre are great for weight loss, and tiger nuts are one of them. Eating fibre-rich food, like tiger nuts, stimulates the gut’s satiety hormone, which can help you reduce your appetite and feel fuller for longer. In addition, one of the many benefits of tiger nuts for women is that they are very low in calories and can make for a healthy snack when losing or maintaining weight. 

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A Healthy Alternative for Lactose Intolerant Women

Milk is an important food that women should include in their diet, but some may have no choice due to lactose intolerance. The good news is that tiger nuts are a good source of milk that does not contain lactose, fructose, and gluten. So those that are suffering from lactose intolerance can use milk from tiger nuts as a substitute for other types of milk. 

Boost Immunity

One of the most notable benefits of tiger nuts for women is they boost immunity. Studies have shown that tiger nuts’ extract is very effective against salmonella, ecoli, and staphylococcus bacteria. These are some of the common bacteria that cause illness in both men and women, and tiger nuts can help curb them in time. 

Maintains Healthy Blood Pressure

Women are more susceptible to high blood pressure, especially during pregnancy, and it is more common in women carrying multiple babies and those pregnant for the first time. However, an excellent way to regulate blood pressure for women is to include tiger nuts in their diet.

The benefits of tiger nuts for women are many, and this is one of the most effective ones. Tiger nuts contain arginine, which is an essential amino acid that helps the body synthesise nitric oxide to maintain the size of blood vessels and normal blood flow in the body. This entire process will significantly promote heart health in women and regulate blood presure. 

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It May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Another fantastic benefit of tiger nuts is that their high fibre content slows down the absorption of sugar in the intestine, and the high amount of arginine also stimulates insulin sensitivity and production. So for people treating diabetes and those looking to regulate blood sugar levels, tiger nuts can make for a healthy diet. 

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Promotes Digestion

Tiger nuts are very good for easy digestion and preventing constipation because they are rich in insoluble fibre, which passes through your gut without being digested. This fibre, in turn, adds bulk to your stool and aids the movement of food through your gut. 

In addition, tiger nuts also contain resistant starch that feeds the friendly bacteria in the gut, contributing to easy digestion. Furthermore, tiger nuts also contain enzymes such as ligases and amylases which break down food in your gut and relieve diarrhoea, indigestion and gas. 

Serves as an Aphrodisiac

Tiger nuts have a history of boosting libido in women; it has been used in ayurvedic medicine as aphrodisiacs, and it has also been used to treat erectile dysfunction and low sperm count in men. This is one of the most common benefits of tiger nuts for women, so if you want to boost your libido and have a healthier sex life, add tiger nuts to your diet. 

Benefits of Tiger Nuts for Women

Increases Production of Breast Milk

Breast milk contains vital nutrients for babies, and some mothers use it as exclusive feeding for their children, but if a new mom can’t produce enough breast milk as needed, it may be a problem. However, tiger nuts have been known to have essential vitamins and nutrients which boost breast milk production for women. 

Fights Against Breast Cancer

This is also one of the most significant benefits of tiger nuts for women; the tubers are relatively high in antioxidants because they have a high level of water-soluble flavonoid glycoside, which has been proven to be an excellent medicine for breast lumps and cancer. The antioxidants have also been said to protect the body against ageing.

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Tiger nuts can make for an excellent addition to your diet to promote a healthier and happier life; they are rich in many nutrients that contribute to good health by preventing and aiding the treatment of several infections and health conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases. 

In addition to the many physical and health benefits, let’s not forget the sweet flavour and chewy nature of tiger nuts that makes them enjoyable for everyone; however, tiger nuts have so many things to offer, just ensure you take them in moderation.


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