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How to Remove Gel Nails at Home

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If you haven’t taken a trip to your nail salon or scheduled a manicure for a few weeks, then your manicure must need a refresh. The nail polish may no longer appeal to the eyes, and keeping old gel on your nails for too long isn’t healthy for your natural nails.

Therefore, you must be thinking of how to remove gel nails at home without destroying your natural nails. That’s what we will discuss in this guide, so get ready to refresh your manicure after reading this. 

How to Remove Gel Nails at Home

The process of removing gel nail nails at home is almost the same as what they do at the salon, so you will get the same clean result and save the money and time you could have spent visiting a salon. Therefore, start by preparing your tools: nail file, petroleum gel, acetone, foil paper, cotton wool, cuticle oil, buffer and cuticle pusher. 

How to Remove Gel Nails at Home

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Get Your Cotton Wool Ready

Before you begin the process, the first thing you should do is to prepare your cotton wool by cutting it into five pieces for five fingernails, make sure the sizes are big enough to cover your nails, and then set them aside. 

Buff the Top Layer of the Nails

The next step on how to remove gel nails at home is to buff the top layer of your nails; it makes it easier and faster to remove the nail polish.

Use your nail file or buffer to gently brush across the top surface of your nails. Ensure you do not do it too hard so you don’t damage your nails; buff it just enough to remove the top layer of polish. 

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Protect the Skin Around Your Nails

Apply petroleum gel on the skin around the nails to keep your cuticles moisturised. This step is essential because acetone can quickly dry out the skin and may cause some damage to it, so it is better to have a protective layer on the skin.

You can use your hand to apply the petroleum gel or dip a cotton swab in the gel and apply a layer on your skin. In the absence of petroleum gel, you can use a lotion or balm that contains petroleum gel. 

Soak Your Nails in Acetone

Now it is time to use the cotton balls you prepared earlier; dip them into pure acetone until they are saturated and place them on your nails. Then, wrap each nail with a small piece of foil paper. Let them sit for some minutes so the acetone can do its work. 

How to Remove Gel Nails at Home

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Take Off the Nail Polish

After some time, take the foil paper and cotton ball off your nails in one swoop to ensure the gel nail polish goes along with it. 

If there is still nail polish left, there’s nothing to worry about. Just give your nails a 10-minute break and repeat the process. You can also gently brush or scrape off any stubborn nail polish using the wooden cuticle stick, and be careful not to hurt your natural nails. 

Wash Your Hands

After removing all the gel nails, head to the sink and quickly wash your hands. Acetone isn’t good for your skin, so the earlier you wash it off, the better for you. Wash your hands with warm water and soap till they are clean and acetone-free. 

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Rehydrate or Moisturise Your Hands

This is the last step on how to remove gel nails at home. Some people may ignore this step, but it is relevant to ensure your skin is healthy and properly hydrated. You need to first rub some lotion on your hands, then apply some cuticle oil at the base of each nail. Lastly, if your nail is brittle, you can take this chance to use some strengthening nail polish on them to stop them from breaking. 

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So here you have it: the simplest way to remove gel nails at home. If you are tired of your manicure and have been bothered about how to remove gel nails at home instead of being tempted to bite or pick your nails, feel free to try what we have discussed so far. The process is extremely safe for your nails, inexpensive and easy to remember, and you are guaranteed excellent results. 

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