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Health Insurance: NHIA pledges to leave no one behind

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In its efforts to combat Nigerians’ struggle with finance when treating health issues, the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has promised that it will widen its net to make sure that it will not leave Nigerians behind.

Health insurance is a very important tool in ensuring that every Nigerian has access to affordable and high-quality healthcare. It allows citizens to receive necessary medical treatment without the burden of high out-of-pocket expenses, and can help to reduce the financial stress that often accompanies unexpected illnesses or injuries.

Despite the benefits of health insurance, however, many people in Nigeria still lack coverage. According to the NHIA, only around 10% of the population currently has health insurance, leaving millions of people without access to basic medical care.

Speaking with the media in Kaduna on Tuesday, Malam Aminu Tanimu, the NHIA coordinator for Kaduna state, gave the assurance that the agency is working towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC) by offering various health insurance plans that cater to various groups of people in both the formal and informal sectors.

The coordinator noted that there is a package for every sector including both the formal and informal sectors, as well as other groups, including community-based retirees, students at higher institutions, and other groups of individuals.

“This is to ensure that no one is left out in the federal government’s efforts to provide health insurance coverage to all citizens,” Tanimu stated.

He urged Nigerians to participate in the program and take advantage of affordable, high-quality health care without taking financial risks.

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He specifically urged residents of Kaduna to enroll in the Group, Individual, and Family Health Insurance (GIFSHIP) program if they are not already covered by one of the NHIA packages. He encouraged them to take advantage of the GIFSHIP which is intended for self-employed individuals, families, groups, associations, and other institutions outside of the organized private sector.

As for the retiree and retiree associations, diaspora groups, foreigners living in the country, as well as those whose premium would be covered by philanthropists or members of the National Assembly (NASS).

The coordinator went on to say, “Under the scheme, contributions are pegged at N45,000 per year for a person with two dependents, while a family of four would pay N60,000, with each family member listed at N15,000.”

Except for small businesses with fewer than ten employees, group registration costs N15,000 per person per year and requires a minimum of ten participants per group.

“The advantages bundle is enormous and can be gotten to at any NHIA office anyplace in the country.” Additionally, the state coordinator stated that the authority is making every effort to raise the standard of care provided by NHIA-accredited facilities nationwide.

He added that the authority’s Director General and Chief Executive, Professor Nasiru Sambo, was already providing the states with the required personnel: pharmacists, laboratory scientists, nurses, and other professionals.

He added that officials from the NHIA would visit the facility to evaluate the quality of service provided and that any facility found to be below standard would be penalized in accordance with NHIA guidelines.

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Tanimu approached individuals who were disappointed with the nature of administrations or who felt disheartened to illuminate their closest well-being support associations (HMOs) or NHIA office, guaranteeing that the fundamental estimates will be taken.

When a member complains about service delivery issues, they should first contact their HMO.

“Assuming the grievance is unsettled or the case is a crisis, the part ought to document the objection with the closest NHIA office,” he prompted.

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