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Anambra State Ministry of Health Cracks Down on Illegal Hospitals and Quack Health Workers

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The Anambra State Ministry of Health has taken decisive action against three hospitals operating with fake licenses and employing quack health workers. In a recent operation led by Dr. Chukwulobelu Ugochukwu, Head of the Medical Services Department, the facilities located in Alor, Idemili South Local Government Area of the state, were sealed.

Dr. Ugochukwu urged residents to avoid patronizing unapproved healthcare facilities and instead seek medical attention at government general hospitals, where proper healthcare can be assured. The hospitals in question were sanctioned for employing uncertified medical personnel, and the closures were carried out by the Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Team.

“The hospitals were shut down for operating without a license, using forged licenses, employing unqualified staff, or maintaining unhygienic environments,” explained Dr. Ugochukwu. He further highlighted the discovery of uncertified health workers who would treat patients and conduct medical procedures, only to leave the country when complications arose.

Dr. Ugochukwu called on community stakeholders, religious bodies, and individuals to take an active interest in the affairs of their localities, particularly in matters concerning health. He emphasized the importance of reporting any suspected facilities or shops involved in quackery to the ministry, as this would contribute to saving millions of lives and enhancing the overall health sector in the state.

One particularly troubling aspect highlighted by Dr. Ugochukwu was the trend of uncertified health workers abandoning their patients and relocating to other countries when faced with complications. This not only endangers the lives of patients but also raises serious concerns about the ethical standards of these individuals.

Assuring the public of continuous regulatory oversight, Dr. Ugochukwu questioned why some people would jeopardize human lives for the sake of monetary gains. The Anambra State Ministry of Health remains committed to ensuring that healthcare facilities within the state operate in compliance with regulations and standards to safeguard the well-being of the public.

This recent crackdown on illegal hospitals and quack health workers serves as a stern warning to others engaging in similar activities within Anambra State. The Ministry of Health’s efforts, combined with the vigilance of the community, will go a long way in promoting a safe and reliable healthcare system that prioritizes the lives and welfare of its citizens.


Free Access To Email Exclusive ContentGet notified and be the first to know when new & hot content drops

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